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Re: California Deems Video Game Laws Unconstitutional

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Not only that, but very, very few games have ever been rated AO (Adult's Only) by the ESRB, and even then, all of the large retailers have a policy of not selling AO-rated games.

The industry policies itself just fine. There is no need for the government to unconstitutionally intervene.
Also none of the console makers will allow a AO rated game on their console, so it would have to be a PC game.
I've never seen an AO rated game before, I guess most of them (at least these days) you have to download.
That dosen't mean that there can't be a AO-rated game for a console, it just can't be sold at a place like EB Games. And it would have to be offered as a secure download, complete with an adults-only quiz that must be answered before you purchase it.
Actually it does mean their can't be AO rated games for consoles, since they would have to get the game rated by the ESRB and the console makers wouldn't allow it to come out. Of course I guess someone could make an unauthorized game on the consoles that would have the content of an AO rated game, but without a development kit it would be extremly difficult and if they tried to sell it they would most likely be sued out of existance.

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^What does a "AO" rating equate to ? Grand Theft Auto IV carried a rating of 18 as granted by the British Board of Film Classification in the United Kingdom. Surely that would equate to "adults only".
I'm not sure what an AO rating equivelent would be in the British rating system, but compared to the MPAA rating system it would basically be an X rating.

If you go to the ESRB site you can view a list of the AO rated games if you search by rating. There are only 23 of them, all on PC with the exception of a CDI game, an unreleased PS1 game, and the Hot Coffee Version of GTA San Andreas.

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