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Re: Sovereign Class and Photon Torpedoes

1: The Galaxy class was DEFIANTELY comfirmed to have children! What are you talking about lol?
What are you talking about? And why are you laughing in every sentence?

The Galaxy had children. What I want to emphasize is that nobody said the Sovereign did not. Just because we didn't see any ikids or spouses in the E-E movies is no proof, as we so seldom saw any on the E-D, too.

3: It's never been established that the Enterprise-E has regenerative shielding in canon. However, it's reasoable to assume that it was incorporated into the design with the advent of the Dominion war.
How so? We don't know if the technology even works. The only known Fed design to feature it was a prototype that never even completed her maiden voyage.

Assuming, of course, that it ain't just a fancy name for standard shielding. The term was spoken by a computer, which would probably sprout technical jargon differently from a live being, going to needless detail.

It's warp core is yes a little more advanced than anything else in the fleet save an Intrepid or Prometheus class maybe.
What makes it more advanced? Every warp core so far has looked different. Yet different doesn't mean better or worse.

And type 10+ phasers have been mentioned in the TNG technical manual, where it states it's classified and used only on starbases because of their high power output. Again it's reasonable to assume that either the Sovereign has them or some variation of them.
Isn't the TNG statement good proof that a starship cannot have those weapons?

5: The Enterprise-E was not the 9th ship, it was the second Sovereign to be built. It's generally accepted in most Star Trek communities that I've seen.
Doesn't sound too solid to me, but I could live with her being the second ship, yes.

It also wasn't intended to be an Enterprise at all from what I know, but with the destruction of the Enterprise-D it was recomissioned. Evidence supporting: In less than two years after the Enterprise-D was destroyed, we have a fully functioning, operational, super advanced, ship. It takes six years or so to build a Galaxy, and I'm assuming a little less with a sovereign.
Indeed. However, this should not be taken to indicate that the E-E was a replacement for the E-D. For all we know, the E-E functionally replaced USS Expendable, a recently lost Excelsior class vessel, while the E-D was replaced by USS Dashing, a Galaxy class vessel.

6: The defiant class is indeed one of the most powerful ship class' every built by Starfleet, up there with the Galaxy and Nebula's.
Why? Because she can pop small enemy ships? Klingon BoPs have performed the exact same feat. And Klingon BoPs have blown to pieces a Cardassian cruiser, something the Defiant never quite managed.

It was also Starfleet's first dedicated warship, as stated by Sisko I beleive.
Actually, that was sarcastically quipped by Kira, a known disbeliever in the propaganda that Starfleet typically sprouts about its benevolence and pacifism. Sisko only said that the ship was dedicated to Borg-fighting, and was "a warship, pure and simple". Doesn't mean Starfleet doesn't build warships as a matter of course - or even that Starfleet doesn't build Borg-fighters as a matter of course.

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