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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x17: "Someone to Watch Over Me"

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I'm not all that wrapped up in "knowing the truth" about any of this stuff. I just want to see where humanity/Cylons in general and each character in particular winds up at the end of the story. I care, for example, a great deal more about whether Boomer lives or dies than about why Kara had to burn her own corpse.
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I still can't believe we're going to sit through another "Frakkin'" skinjob trial! [/Tigh]
I doubt there will be a trial, in the end.
Oh I understand what you guys are saying, but it's been 2 years (+) since Maelstrom and in BSG Season length, it's about equivilent to one full season. I too want to see where everyone ends up, but this is being billed as a Kara Heavy episode and we haven't had much of those lately. It's time to reveal the big secret and then get consequences to that going into the finale. If this episode doesn't do that, than I will be very disappointed.
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