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Would a Babylon 5 animated series work?

And I mean a series aimed at & for adults. Young folks & teens would be free to watch if they wanted to. In fact they should.

I watched ST, the TZ & like shows/films since I was in the 1st & 2nd grade. Had B5 existed way back then I would've watched that too. And even at those young ages I knew, got what was going on, at least most of it.

Kids are no different now. So, cartoon or not, the youngins & teens should watch an animated B5 series if they want to.

The youngins/teens "tangent" aside, I'll get to the main point(s?).

*If JMS were to make a B5 animated series, he should hire the highest quality writers around, assuming JMS himself wouldn't be the primary writer for suggested series.

*Should such a series be a telenovel like the original B5? Or should it be self-contained tales for the most part? Or be a Babylon Five-rse anthology? Should it be in a ST style involving ships exploring? Or be B5 centered? Or both? Such a series could be a combination of all the things suggested so far, allowing episodes exploring various aspects & history of the B5-rse. Other options?

*Should the show be on a network,syndicated or on a subscription cable/satellite channel (HBO,SHOW)? How many episodes should there be per season? How long should the episodes be? Should there be 90-minute B5 animated films as part or in addition to a half-hour or hour show?

*Who would the actors/actresses be supplying the voices? Who should they be? IE(suggestions):Original B5 castmembers obviously. But Mark Hamill, Frank Welker, Nichelle Nichols, Leonard Nimoy, Kate Mulgrew etc would be great to have also.

*The type of animation is very important also. It goes without saying the folks who make Transformers:Animated would NOT be allowed to make this show, or be allowed anywhere near it, EVER!

No one, in their right mind(s), want(s) to see Sinclair, Sheridan, Londo, Ivanova, Garibaldi, etc with chins HUGE, loooong & DEEP enough to fill the Grand Canyon.

Wtf is up with that Jay Leno chin crap on TF:A? NONE of that puh-leez!?!?


YOUR thoughts>
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