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Re: Mark Lenard & Trek Fandom

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I saw him at a con back in the 80s, but the details (year, location) escape me. Anyway, he didn't seem distant or reserved at all. He was very friendly, open, and appreciative of the fans.
I apologize for the use of the word "icy." I guess that I was just completely taken in by the man's brilliant characterization.

BTW, I love that charming, affectionate gesture he makes with Amanda after he and Spock tease her about her emotionalism in "Journey to Babel." It served as a great punchline or wink for that final scene in the sickbay. I read that Lenard came up with that himself, therefore adding something to the Vulan culture.

Mark Lenard was a heck of an actor and his intelligence always came across on screen.
"Come, come, Mr. Scott. Young minds, fresh ideas. Be tolerant!"
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