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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x16: "Deadlock"

Well as much as I love this series 'Deadlock' didn't do much for me, and here I was so upset with myself for missing it last Friday

After watching it a few times...meh. I was disappointed in how quickly Ellen degenerated to her old scheming self…she was so confident and self assured on Cavils ship.

Neat how Laura observed the Cylon morning the loss of another and understood that it was a significant event.

How can everyone forgot Anders warning NOT to leave the ship in order to stop events from continually repeating? Something big will happen on the Galitica if Sol stays.

As far as giving the Baltar crew heavy weapons goes…probably not the smartest move but he has been operating from a more moral foundation lately…and it would seem Adama is losing control of his own men

I wondered about the Mutineers’when I saw Starbuk at the bar alone but got the heads up in the podcast thread.

Deadlock’ was OK, a show we needed we see, imo it just wasn’t compelling like we’ve grown use to this season
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