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Related question... For a small (or not so small, depends ) project using VRML, I am looking for a 3D modelling tool that exports to VRML 2.0 (VRML97). It should be as free and as intuitive (in this order) as possible, and doesn't need to have too many functions - I never tried 3D modelling before, and only need to produce relatively simple shapes.

I hope someone will be able to help me out with some suggestions...

Hi Guys - I'm the guy building the TOS Enterprise in VRML
from the inside - out using the Franz Joseph Designs deck plans
and what I can use from the series sets.
Did I mention that it was life-sized?
I know it's a little cartoon-ish, but then who isn't!

I've made videos of my progress on youtube.
Thanks Eric Cheung for your links - I followed them backward and joined the BBS.

This is what you can make using just straight VRML,
without a modeling package - NO MODELING SOFTWARE.

Are you interested enough to try to build something in VRML?
It's not that tough if I can do it - it's just a little trig...

I've used straight text files containing VRML, even built the files
using excel, vb, vba, access - you have a whole lot of possible tools,
but I still rely on the windows calculator and a text file.
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