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Re: Body Swap Episode?

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They kind of did. Sarek and Picard shared bodies. Picard was impersonated by that species that all looked alike. Picard was possessed by that energy creature in the first season.
1) That was a Mind Meld
2) That was only two people so to speak

I'm talking about something along the lines of: Out of Their Minds
Farscape season 2 episode 9 [series 2 episode 9 if your from the UK]

Where almost the ALL of the Lead actors swap bodies and at first they can't figure out how to SWAP Back
That Farscape ep rocked! But TNG wouldn't have done it as funny as they did, where each person wore pictures of their real persona in each new body they inhabited. That was hilarious.

If Worf switched bodies with any of the others, would the Worf persona then want to wear his sash? Imagine Patrick Stewart cursing in Klingon, wearing Worf's sash! Or Worf in Data's android body would also be quite amusing, and he'd be the baddest warrior of all!

And the most hilarious, of course, would be Wesley and Worf switching bodies!

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