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Re: What should the next Superman movie be?

I'll keep an open mind and hope for the best no matter what direction they go in, but at this point I think a total reboot would be best. The so called Routhboot option would muddy the waters in my opinion (although that's reportedly the direction Warners is leaning towards).

I'd like to see them step up development of some of other DC characters to follow on after Green Lantern, pushing a Superman relaunch back to about 2013. Then bring in a new cast in a Superman film that's much more sci-fi oriented. I'd like to see a long break from Lex Luthor, with Superman's other major villains taking center stage.

And I wouldn't want another beat by beat origin story. Just retell the origin in quick beats in a montage as the credits play and then jump ahead to a point where Superman is an established superhero.
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