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Re: What should the next Superman movie be?

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I could see your point (somewhat) if Brandon Routh was a hollywood superstar, but he isn't. And let's face's not like general audiences have fallen "in love" with Routh's portrayal of the character. I thought he was adequate and I don't think he was a drag on the movie. But he was definitely no Christopher Reeve.
Who is? Look, I just don't think Routh got a fair shot with that storyline/script. So, yeah...I think he deserves another chance. Did you read my post (perhaps in another thread) with my receipe for the sequel?

It spells out my vision for the next film were I to serve as producer.

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So why go the needlessly complicated and risky route of basically rebooting just about everything except the actor when you can easily reboot everything including the actor who has not established himself as essential to the role?
I've never suggested rebooting the whole film except the lead actor. When/if you read my "recipe" post you'll see that I am definitely not for rebooting much at all. One film wouldn't "establish" anyone in a role. To me, even Christian Bale wasn't "established" after Batman Begins. I think that, given the material, Routh did as well as any actor you could name.

I'm certainly not for the Nick Cage type of casting. Reeve wasn't a superstar when he was cast either. In fact, he was an unknown -- aside from his role on the soap "Love of Life".
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