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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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Rule of Voyager 1.5: The Universe also hates Joe Carey (but not as much as Harry Kim.)
I'd amend that to change "the universe" to Janeway. She promoted a terrorist in his place, she accused him of treason, and she sent him on an away mission for the first time in six years only for him to be killed. And when she went back in time to save Tuvok and Seven she didn't bother going back a few extra weeks to save this man who has a wife and two kids. Kim was unlucky, Carey's fate was decided.

Heroes and Demons (**)

This was the first episode of Voyager I ever saw, and this is the first time I have re-watched it since then. I had heard about the show for months and I was really excited about seeing this brand new ship, so I was more than a little disappointed when my first episode spent so much time messing about on fake-looking sets on the holodeck. I was also confused as to why they were so determined to find the Ensign Kim character because he was just an ensign and normally Star Trek doesn't bother trying to help red-shirts. I think we can all agree I was half-right about the Kim character right from the start.

What works in this episode? The Doctor. What doesn't work? Everything else. In particular the story, the technobabble, the holodeck and the Vikings. Any script that's description begins with "The holodeck malfunctions..." needs to be thrown out unless it is beyond exceptional, and this episode needs to go a long way before it can make that claim. And just who came up with the idea of Vikings? They were so ridiculous and poorly acted that if they had suddenly started singing "spam spam spam" I wouldn't have been surprised in the least. Actually, it would have been a big improvement.

There is a nice scene where the Doctor talks about having never seen the sky or wildlife, and that should have led to a great moment when he first appears on the holodeck. Unfortunately the set looks incredibly fake and even Picardo's acting can't salvage the scene.

The two stars are purely for Picardo and some nice characterisation of the Doctor.
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