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Re: Lost 5x07: "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

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What was up with jack's breakdown? He acted like he's been visited by Locke repeatedly over the last three years or something like that?
He just misses the island and is in denial
I thought there might be something more than that. Jack defensively says something like "I'm not going back. How many times do I have to tell you?"...or something like that, after the *first* time Locke asks him. I was wondering if Locke had already visited him before this encounter, or something.

Other issues:

- So what exactly is Locke's status now? Did the Island actually bring him back to life, and he's 100% alive? If so, then I guess that would argue in favor of the same thing having happened to Christian, meaning that maybe Christian isn't just some kind of projection or something, as some had speculated in the past.

- How exactly does the timeline work re: Widmore's departure from the Island? He tells Locke that he was expelled by Ben, after having led the Others for decades. But Widmore had to have fathered Penny some time in the 1970s. Ben was just a kid back then. So was Penny born on the Island? She can't have spent much time there, or she'd remember it as an adult. Or maybe she *does* remember it, and just isn't telling Desmond for whatever reason? Or maybe Widmore is just lying?
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