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Re: "Law & Order" assorted musings

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Complete? Not quite. It's only up to the 8th season on DVD, but the current season is the 10th.
My mistake. I was off by a year with regards to which season it was.

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Still, it's a damn sight quicker getting released than any of the other versions. The mothership is only up to season 6 on DVD, and they're in, what, the 19th currently? Shit, it'll take ages for that sucker to get completed.
In 2004, they released the most recent season, but for L&O and CI didn't keep up at all, with nothing since then. At least SVU is only a year behind... Ah, well. Maybe by the time they're done they'll be rereleased on BLu-ray, 2-3 discs per season, in consistent packaging.
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