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Re: "Law & Order" assorted musings

Canada's Bravo channel has been airing repeats of the series since the beginning for the past year, and I've been using them to catch up on the series, as I just got hooked a couple of years ago.

It's good stuff, generally, even if it is a tad formulaic. Before I started watching it, I never really went for any crime dramas, or, for that matter, TV shows that feature virtually no insight into the characters' lives (which of course means character development is largely absent). However, I appreciated the fact that some episodes would examine serious, and occasionally shocking, social and legal issues and force the viewer to think about their own stance on the subject matter.

Baba, I did see tonight's episode; it was a repeat of the season premiere, but I missed it the first time around, so I hadn't actually seen it before. Yes, Jack's idea to charge all the rioters with "terrorism" sounds crazy in theory, but by the end, I was sold on the idea. Personally, if I were in the jury, I would have voted to convict.

Oh, and I'll agree that if you watch enough of this show, you'll really start to hate defense attorneys.
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