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"Law & Order" assorted musings

I've recently been on a Law & Order kick ever since I got a screaming deal on the Season 6 DVD set. Here's some thoughts I've been having...

* Jack McCoy was a lot more of a loose cannon & a lot more vindictive in the early years. I didn't really start watching the show until Season 12 or 13, so this is a surprise to me. There are a lot of episodes where he really has to bend over backwards just so he can nail someone to the wall. What most stands out is the episode where it's revealed that Jack's former ADA (and ex-girlfriend) withheld exculpatory evidence and even asked a handwriting expert to lie on the stand in order to convict (as it turned out) the wrong man. Not satisfied with getting her disbarred, he presses criminal charges for unintentionally aiding the real murderer in continuing his crime spree. I mean, god, vindictive much?

* I've got a small crush on Claire Kincaid.

* Season 6 is the one where they did the famous 2-part crossover with Homicide: Life on the Street. (Thankfully, the Homicide half of the story is also included on the DVD.) I liked it, although it's an interesting little piece. The Homicide characters all come off really well, especially Pembleton & Munch. (Bayliss is good too but I can't quite get over the fact that it's the guy who played Jake Kane on Veronica Mars.) But while the shows have similar subject matter, their styles are so totally different that it's weird seeing them reconcile the 2. For the most part, it looks like Law & Order is shifting to match Homicide more than the other way around. Considering I'm used to only seeing Briscoe in a series of short, 60-second plot-driven scenes, it's almost surreal seeing him spend an entire episode around a pool table talking about how he dated Munch's ex-wife. And I learned more about the personal lives of the Homicide characters in 2 episodes than I learned about the Law & Order cast over the course of years.

* I just got through the episode with Paul Robinette returning to defend a former crack addict who kidnapped her son from his foster family. Law & Order will teach you to hate defense attorneys anyway. But Robinette seems to have become even more evil than your usual L&O douchebag defender.

* There were a couple other great guest defense attorneys here. Chris Cooper as an unscrupulous publicity hound who suggests that Briscoe was at the center of a massive Jewish conspiracy to frame the defendant. Fisher Stevens (Early Edition) as a novice public defender who seems to redefine "crazy as a fox."

What do you folks think of Law & Order?
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