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Re: Lost 5x07: "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

- Why did Ben kill Locke after telling him he had to lead?
I think maybe because he just wants to be in control and really hated Locke cause Ben wants to lead the others.

- Where and when did the second plane crash happen?
Looking at the state of that station, and the fact that no one is there, and the fact that the Oceanic people flashed away, I am guessing the plane landed in "present time" So Locke and Ben and Lupitus and Sun are in the present time, while the others are time traveling. But for all I know they are all in the same time, i dunno.

- Who was Matthew Abaddon really, and will we learn more about him?
Well, apparently he can die, heh. I am guessing he was maybe on the island too for a while with Widmore at some point.

- People were mentioning the camera's focus on Locke's toes. Is there really any significance to that?
My guess, nah

- Why did Locke have to kill himself anyway?
To be a proxy for John's dad, that's what Hawking said.

- What was up with jack's breakdown? He acted like he's been visited by Locke repeatedly over the last three years or something like that?
He just misses the island and is in denial

- How does Walt factor into all of this and will we see him again?
My guess, he doesn't fit in, not needed.
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