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Re: TV pilot season begins...

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They should air No Heroics opposite of Heroes.
I hope they do, Heroes needs all the help it can get! No Heroics sounds like one of those DOA concepts that make you scratch your head and wonder how it got past the idea stage. Or something that might be better off on basic cable, where a tiny cult following is an acceptable viewership level.
I thought you were interested in No Heroics? Or did that clip kill your interest?
I just listed every sci fi or fantasy show! I check em all out, even when I'm pretty sure I'll hate em...Dollhouse, Bionic Woman, Moonlight, etc...

And considering how godawful the non sf/f stuff sounds, I can't afford to be picky.

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What's keeping her boobs in that top?
image removed--Top41
Aw now I'm all curious what it was
Me too, I got here too late.

What's happened to Virtuality? Wasn't that supposed to be on Fox?
I wouldn't hold out too many hopes for that one making it out of development hell. At this point, I'm hoping cable will have some decent options because it looks like the nets are going to be near-total loss. I remember something about:

-HBO doing a Martin Scorcese-directed series about the early days of Atlantic City.

-A series about a magician in the 1920s.
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