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Re: Farscape - anything I need to know?

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Ben Browder as Commander Crichton is one of the funniest action characters ever. He's a wise-cracking Southern tough guy with a penchant for quoting from 20th century movies and TV shows.
Agreed. Browder is a great actor and it's a shame he was so wasted on Stargate SG-1. (He had his moments but he wasn't nearly as interesting as he was on Farscape. Nor, for that matter, was Col. Mitchell as interesting as his Stargate counterparts, Jack O'Neill & John Sheppard.)

Rygel is a great character and always my favorite on the series. But honestly, I had a hard time getting into Farscape sometimes because it seemed like it was just beeing weird for weird's sake. "D.N.A. Mad Scientist" was the episode that kinda turned me off the series. It was gross & disturbing.
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