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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Sack Rafa.
I completely agree

Milan, Inter, Juve, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barca and now 50% vs Madrid - just what is he thinking of, eh?

Just think what he could do if given control of transfers in and out, an annual budget to work to, control of the academy, having a competant CEO alongside him, and a new - but honest and decent - owner of the club who respects the fans, history and traditions of the club. Throw in a new stadium with no debt repayments on the club - and the lad may be able to get closer to winning the league too.

I just hope it comes soon.

Still, best not let Rafa's acheivements and the facts get in the way of Sky and the tabloids beating him down...

but tonight, tonight is for savouring the humbling of the mighty Real Madrid on their own patch
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