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Re: TV pilot season begins...


Day One, lord help me if this is a rip off of BBC series Survivors, we only just finished remaking it ourselves.

Legally Mad, sounds like every other David E Kelley legal drama.

Lost & Found, what you couldnt just put Starbuck on Law & Order?

Mercy & Trauma, hey NBC remeber that medical show you have, its what called, two letters ER.

and the comedy, nothing too original, I noticed yet anther cop comedy, we will probaly see one of those somewhere Fall 2009

& finally ABC

Empire State, sounds alot like Ugly Betty.


Students and faculty at a New York performing arts school
ive heard it all before, ive heard if before, Fame something its gonna something, you get where im going with this.

See Cate Run, the oestrogen network at its best, for all those women who never voted for Obama out of blind faith to there gender, do they not remeber Commander in Chief

Detective uses brilliant 11-year-old brother to solve crimes
gees whats next CSI: Pre School?

Blue-collar kid gets first job at powerful L.A. law firm
Ugly Betty isnt exactly the best show on the network you know.

The Unknown, interesting idea, but im not seeing it.

Cougar Town, come back Eva Adams you are not the worst new pilot out there.

The Law, more copy comedy.

Let it Go, ill be more than happy to.

The New 20, look its a mircale Til Death is still on Fox, dont push it.

No Heroics, hell ABC ITV 2 called it wants it show back.

Pryors, always willing to give a new Grammar project a fair shot.

Pulling, ABC, you are going to need a second line, BBC 3 is calling, it also wants it show back.
Im Proud of the BBC

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