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Re: TV pilot season begins...

right I lost my first post the other today so here is a quick sum up

the CW

I think Melrose Place is a gimmie, im sure a couple of others will get pick up as well, but im too old & too male for the network so dont expect me to act like I care.


Eva Adams, no no a million times no, that goes for you to Ab Fab but I dont think Ab Fab will get past the pilot.

Human Target & Masterwork, The Station all interest me


before we continue to the people who dont me

Hi my name is wamdue im a CBS cop show aholic

I will start with Eastmans, sound like maybe a Numb3rs show but with Doctors rather than cops.

House Rules one in a line of political dramas across the networks this pilot season, im not convinced by any of them. NBC might as well just kick start The West Wing again.

Miami Trauma, so what Nip/Tuck for network TV, whilst I dont think its going to be good, its worth the first season just for the CSI Miami crossver.

various prosecutor shows, you just axed Shark, you arnt getting another one so soon.

Washington Field, and now the good stuff, just inject it straight into my vains.

and the comedys

The Karenskys is the only one that stands out.

however Tick Tock

Thirtysomething single mother focuses her attention on finding true love
if I read that as an idea for a sitcom one more time I will be held responsible for my actions.

NBC & ABC in the next post
Im Proud of the BBC

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