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Re: Voyager Face-Off: Tuvok vs. Tom

I voted for Tuvok, although I like both characters very much - at least during the first 4-5 seasons of the show.

I felt that Tuvok was one of the characters whose development suffered most due to B&B's fixation with Seven and the EMH in later seasons. However, I still really love Tuvok. And Tim Russ's portrayal was flawless. IMO, he gave us the best Vulcan in Trek, outside of Nimoy himself.

On the Tom Paris side, I actually prefered him in the earlier seaons, when he still had some rebel in him. He was not as interesting once he'd been domesticated. And we got screwed out of a resolution of his father issues in the finale, which annoyed me. But I really liked him in the early seasons...and I quite enjoyed RDM's portrayal as well...although it was not quite up to the level of Tim Russ.
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