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Re: Lost in new Trek Lit - help please!

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-There have been random series by some of my favorite authors (Michael Jan Friedman during Stargazer stuff, etc...). For anything like this, especially when its just one author doing what LOOKS like a series, is there only whats out or is there more coming possibly? (Stargazer is the only thing that pops into my head right now...)
Well that depends on what you mean by looks like a series, so just to be thorough, I'l go through each solo author series.
We have New Frontier: New book coming out this year
Stargazer: While the main series hasn't had a new book since '04, there have been 2 short stories, and a couple books slightly connected to the series. We had Darkness in Tales of the Captain's Table, which takes place fairly soon after the Stargazer's distruction, and a MU Stargazer story in this year's Shards and Shadows. Then there was also Death in Winter, which does have several Stargazer characters in the post-Nem time frame.
Challenger: Only lasted one book, and one short story concluding it's story.
IKS Gorkon: Last book came out last year, and nothing has been said about anything else yet. But I looked the yesterday, and there were three years between it and the previous book, so I guess it might not be over yet. KRAD could probably tell us if he shows up here.
Voyager Post Return: New author is taking over, and there will be two books this year.
-I know from years of lurking here (it took me awhile to figure out how to create an account and I missed the AOL Star Trek boards :>) that you don't HAVE to read book X to enjoy book Y. But whomever created the Lost Era books has confused the hell outta me. For starters, do you read only half of KRAD's the Art of the Impossible and THEN jump to Well of Lost Souls... and then back to KRAD's book? The year labeling doesn't make it clear. For the Lost Era books in general, do they tell an overall story arc over ALL of the books... so it makes it MUCH more enjoyable to read them all... or can you stick with select books if I'm picky about character
The LE books do all tell seperate standalone stories, but they do also follow each other in one consistant timeline. For instance, if I remember correctly we see one character taking over as the Klingon Chancellor in Serpents Among the Ruins, and then in the next book, The Art of The Impossible they are still in that position.

-Part 2 of the Lost Era. Is Christopher Bennett's The Buried Age the only other non-year (THANK YOU GOD!) labeled book and hopefully a good read (whether you have read the Lost Era books or not)? The cover art for this book has me interested... I just don't want to jump into something all confused.
You really should read TBA, it's a great book, and it does some really does add alot more TNG when you go back and watch it again.

-The Titan books have me confused as well. I picked up the newest one and read the blurb and got hooked on the 'after the events of Destiny' angle. If someone has read the Destiny trilogy (not me yet but soon), LOVED it... but haven't touched any other Titan book, is it a mistake to buy this one? Should I start from the beginning?
While I love the Titan series, and would definitely recommend checking it out, I have feeling that if you awere able to follow Destiny you will probably be ok with Over A Torrent Sea.
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