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Re: Lost in new Trek Lit - help please!

Again, just answering one question (other numbered TNG novels I enjoyed):

(Below #33 - I'm not sure if you've read all these):
#4 Survivors Jean Lorrah
#7 Masks John Vornholt
#18 Q-in-Law Peter David
#20 Spartacus T.L. Mancour
#23 War Drums John Vornholt
#26 The Romulan Prize Simon Hawke
#27 Guises of the Mind Rebecca Neason

Above #33 (why does my list drop off so precipitously?)
#43 A Fury Scorned Sargent/Zebrowski
#44 The Death of Princes John Peel
#61 Diplomatic Implausibility KRAD

I liked Balance of Power a lot, too. It was one of the very few times I didn't hate Wesley Crusher, and it also gave a pretty good explanation for why latinum was used as currency.

Also, I don't think there's any more Stargazer stuff currently planned/on any release calendars for the next year.
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