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Re: Lost in new Trek Lit - help please!

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-Same thing with the A Time To Books... is it worth it to go "all in" and buy them all to enjoy the WHOLE giant story or can just a few be chosen/read without losing anything?
Yes and no. Those nine books are 4 duologies and a final novel. Each duology tell a complete story in itself, so I'd say if you read Born then you should read Die, and if you read Sow then you should read Harvest, etc. But technically you don't need to read all of them to enjoy any given duology. Also, these books do actually have numbers on them from 1 to 9 on the spine at the bottom, so that'll tell you what order they go in, and to discern which sets of two go together can be denoted by the author on the cover.

As for quality and enhanced reading experience, I personally would recommend reading them all in order. The quality varies from author to author, but I think in general they are all pretty good.

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-The Titan books have me confused as well. I picked up the newest one and read the blurb and got hooked on the 'after the events of Destiny' angle. If someone has read the Destiny trilogy (not me yet but soon), LOVED it... but haven't touched any other Titan book, is it a mistake to buy this one? Should I start from the beginning?
The Titan books are mostly all standalone. The character arcs continue from book to book. Like the A Time To books though I'd say for an enhanced reading experience start at the 1st one and go from there and after the 4th one go to Destiny. The order of these is: Taking Wing, The Red King, Orion's Hounds, Sword of Damocles, Destiny Trilogy, Over a Torrent Sea.

And yes, welcome to Trek Lit, hope you enjoy your stay.
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