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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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In that case, next time we speak about the real world, use your encyclopedic historical knowledge and give as examples events that happened in the real world, and not in a fictional utopic universe that sprang from the imagination of a few scenarists and writers.
Ok, Proto you do realize that you are contradicting yourself here, first you're mad at the others for using real world examples, and now you are telling to use them. It is a little confusing.
As for the real world vs Star Trek, there is a very major factor that you are not aknowledging, ST was created in the real world, and many of the races, and events are based on stuff from the real world. So looking at how things happened in the real world, really is the best way to look at how things might turn out in Star Trek.
You're also making alot of assumptions based on very little evidence. Just because we saw a race act agressively in it's one or two appearances doesn't mean that that is the only way they act.
First - You appear to be misunderstanding me - read my above posts, not sci's.
I encourage the use of examples from the real world.
I have a problem when sci uses examples from the star trek universe in order to make an "ethical or karmic" point about the REAL universe - as if star trek has the same relevance as real world history - it doesn't.
When trying to say or prove something about the real world, star trek's relevance is limited - read my previous post for an in depth explanation.

Second - Star Trek was created in the real word, was inspired from real world events? Sure, partially. But that doesn't make star trek a realistic universe. Children's tales were also created in the real world, inspired by it.
When someone talks about the real world, he should use real historical facts, not the diluted star trek interpretations of these facts.

Star trek's alien races represent diffrent facets of humanity (klingons - agression, ferengi - greed, etc). And star trek's humans represent only the better angels of our nature - with VERY rare exceptions. As for the tzenkethi, gorn - they had only a few appearances and their main traits were agression and xenophobia - these are proeminent among their established facets - they are a painting painted in broad strokes, they don't have characteristics we don't know about because they are sketchy species from a sketchy imaginary universe.

When the novels develop these species further, they will, perhaps, add complexity to them - but this "complexity" should be compatible with what we already know about gorn, tholians, etc.

Until then, according to everything we know about the federation and these aliens, the tzenkethi probably started the war, the gorn are probably highly agressive etc.
You cannot speak in certainties because you don't have enough information to be certain about anything regarding these species.

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