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Re: Lost in new Trek Lit - help please!

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I've been buying Trek books for... damn almost 18 years now. I come from the group of fans that cried when the numbering system went away (that's how I remembered what I didn't have and what I HAD... so I could avoid buying duplicates).... I have duplicates of some of the 'A Time To....' books...
Which were numbered!
I'm looking to choose a really good TOS story
#75 "First Frontier"

#76 "The Captain's Daughter" (although it didn't sell well)

#85-87 "My Brother's Keeper" trilogy, but not numbered on covers.

Did Kevin Ryan write Requiem for TNG (#31 or #32 i think)?
With Michael Jan Friedman, yes. #32. (But Peter David also used the title in his "New Frontier" series.)

did I miss 2 earlier books (and if thats true... Kevin Ryan rocks, and they are probably about Klingons which means an automatic buy.
Errand of Vengeance was a trilogy by Kevin Ryan, yes. "The Edge of the Sword", "Killing Blow" and "River of Blood". Takes place after the episode "Balance of Terror", during and after "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" and up till "Dagger of the Mind".

The first two instalments of Ryan's sequel trilogy, "Errand of Fury", were "Seeds of Rage" and "Demands of Honor". They take place between the episodes "The Devil in the Dark" and "Errand of Mercy".

Dafydd ab Hugh got me to LOVE #33 Balance of Power)... and that was the last TNG book I've read. Any favorites of the numbered TNG books out there?
#61 "Diplomatic Implausibility"

"Immortal Coil" was supposedly unnumbered, although "64" appears concealed as part of the cover art.
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