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Re: How fast is quantum slipstream drive?

Yeah, bit of compressed time for dramatic purposes there, which is why I am wary of taking any measurements directly from the Dauntless jaunt in "Hope and Fear." It's very rare in Trek that we can be sure the events we are supposed to be seeing are completely chronologically contiguous and uninterrupted...even if the writers/editors sometimes act as if the runabout really only did take 5 minutes to fly to the Gamma Quadrant and visit a strange, new world.

Still, we should probably assume that quantum slipstream drive, borked as it is, appears capable of a range of speeds that can match even the transwarp hub business glimpsed at the end of Voyager. Seven of Nine did comment on QSD's similarity to transwarp conduits, which also appear to have a range of speeds depending on implementation but a very, very high top end.
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