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Re: TV pilot season begins...

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No Heroics is a low budget show on a digital channel here in the UK... I'm not sure how well it'll translate.
A comedy about superheroes doesn't really require translation, it practically writes itself. It's not like it's an original idea to start with.

I keep wondering why networks bother to "buy" ideas they could very easily come up with themselves after ten seconds of thought. Are they really so imagination-deprived? After re-reading that sad list of pilots (cop shows/lawyer shows/doctor shows/slacker sitcoms) maybe they really are?

And they can't do it low budget if they want it to have a hope in hell of success.
They should air No Heroics opposite of Heroes.
I hope they do, Heroes needs all the help it can get! No Heroics sounds like one of those DOA concepts that make you scratch your head and wonder how it got past the idea stage. Or something that might be better off on basic cable, where a tiny cult following is an acceptable viewership level.
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