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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

EXACTLY. Agression and xenophobia cannot be defining characteristics of species who come together in order to inaugurate an era of peace and understanding.
And yet, cannon - and most books - establish that agressionn and xenophobia toward the Federation and toward each other are part of the make-up of most Typhon Pact members.
From the Federation perspective, sure. We know nothing about the Tzenkethi and very little about the Kinshaya, Tholians, Breen, and Gorn. What we do know about the Romulan Star Empire suggests multiple swings between Federation-friendly and Federation-hostile foreign policies, with the late 23rd century characterized for several decades by what looks like a Federation-Romulan alliance under Empress Ael.

If four small interstellar states which enjoyed tense relations at best or near-war at worst were able to come together, why not six interstellar states which don't seem to have had hostile relations?

Just like the tzenkethi hate for the Federation is real, regardless of the reasons for it. As for who started the war - as I already said, the most probable scenario is that the tzenkethi started it.
Again, you've provided no proof of that.

Let's go to the script.
Donatra was the only one who had a problem with Shinzon crippling the Federation, by using his genocidal weapon. At present, she's empress of the IRS, a state friendly to the Federation.
She was the only one who said that. The evidence seems to suggest that Tal'Aura and Suran thought things were rapidly escalating out of control, from militarist coup to war against the Federation to genocidal campaign against Earth. Proof? Donatra was allowed to leave Romulus with her ships.

Suran&co were satisfied that Shinzon will complete his criminal plan in two days - I wonder, what did they think Shinzon will do with his weapon?
Attack Federation fleets? Destiny establishes that thalaron weapons work wonders against even large fleets.

We also don't know when Tal'Aura et al. learned about the thalaron weapons. Weren't they Reman technology?

A federation colony exists on Cestus III, near uncharted space. The inhabitants have no ideea that the gorn claim the system as their own. They have no idea that the gorn even exist - and the gorn suspect that, at the very least!
The gorn come and, by using overwhelming firepower, disable the colony's defenses. Then they kill EVERYONE IN THE COLONY - MAN, WOMAN, CHILD. They have the ability to comunicate with humans, as is established in the same episode, but they're not interested in communication.
So they adopted a scorched-earth policy in this case. And? We know nothing about the internal dynamics within the Gorn military and the Gorn polity that led to this outcome. Quite possibly they feared that Cestus III would be a base for expansion into their territory and thought that they needed to strike hard. Relatively democratic states have done worse.

Later, we in fact see evidence, in the form of Cestus III's recolonization and eventual Member-State status, suggesting that the Gorn were actually ready to cede the planet.

This is definitely NOT how the Federation would have responded in a similar situation.
No, but that's because the Federation is in a position different from that of the Gorn. The Federation is a rapidly expanding and powerful federation of more than a hundred worlds with their assorted off-world holdings; the Gorn Hegemony is a relatively small power, arguably a great power only by courtesy.

The gorn make the klingons look tame!
Again, there was only one Gorn episode. Drawing sweeping conclusions from a sample of one is a fool's game.
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