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Right, because designing warp drive is exactly like sex with strangers for money, and being a fellow professional in the same technical field is exactly like jerking off to that. A truly inspired comparison.
Some of you come here just to spit on MEG's reviews, with very little interest to actually discuss the episode.

She is spot on on this point. He creates a romantic dinner because he chatted to her fucking hologram for crying out loud! Who the fuck would think that's okay?

It is nothing more than a stupid crush, because he thinks he knows her -- much like a stalker. He thinks having been around a fake version of her, that he's in with a chance. Then the patronising copout that maybe if she weren't married, maybe one day (reinforced with All Good Things...").

It's really pathetic. It's like me thinking I'm in with a chance with someone I met on Facebook. Oh you mentioned the same field? I'll find someone in marketing then then it'll all be fine when I meet the person and sit down for a dinner wanting a shag with them at a marketing conference.
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