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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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And I recomend you read more history books - real history books, that is.
I've read plenty of history books, thanks. Being educated doesn't mean sharing a unilaterally negative assessment of the world. (Though it does involve learning how to spell properly.)
In that case, next time we speak about the real world, use your encyclopedic historical knowledge and give as examples events that happened in the real world, and not in a fictional utopic universe that sprang from the imagination of a few scenarists and writers.

About my spelling, considering that english is not my native language, that I'm not trying to write a masterpiece (only a post on a forum) and that Dukat is not a real name, I am pleased with my performance.
And being educated involves refraining from insulting people, too.

As for the real vorld vs the star trek universe.
The universe in not moral or imoral; it's simply indifferent. An electron will not collapse its wave function in a certain way because it's moral or imoral; it will follow probability - the roll of the dice.

Not so in star trek. There the roll of the dice is always counterfeit; the result will always favour the altruist, the main character, the moral of the story or simply the whims of the author. The main characters will die only when the actor's contract has expired or (in the novels) when they have become useless. Here, altrusm will always be rewarded in the long run.

This doesn't happen in the real world. This didn't happen in humanity's history. Here, the best prepared, the most advanced, the smartest, the luckiest one won - not the altruists. History is full of atrocities - and more often than not there was no karmic payback of any kind.
You said you read history books - you should know more than enough examples. Your own nation is one of the more obvious - as Christopher said, you "have a history marked by extreme xenophobic aggression, including race-based slavery and genocide" - and yet, today, you're the dominant power in the world, and you managed to sell values such as freedom to much of the rest of the world. 2000 years ago, the Roman Empire was built through conquest and genocide, yet today only his positive contributions are remembered. History is full of such things.

PS - Your "optimism" can more aptly be described as wishful thinking - which is at odds with reality.

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