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Re: Star Trek: The Exhibition at The Franklin

I didn't get pricing on the pictures, because I'm not a TOS fan and getting my picture done on the TOS bridge didn't appeal. They don't allow outside photography within the exhibit, sadly.

But tickets were $18.95 apiece (for adults - $14.95 for kids), and the audio tour was $6 for a headset. The headsets are available just before they take your ticket, before you get into the area with the flight simulator (i.e. if you take the elevator up, you've already missed your chance to buy the audio tour.) I know a couple people in the exhibit were complaining about that.

There wasn't much in the gift shop to purchase, so that shouldn't be any additional cost. (Oddly enough, they had Destiny books 2 and 3, but not 1.)

Hope that helps.
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