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Re: House - 5x16 "The Softer Side" - Discussion and Spoilers

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I thought it was quite arbitrary and weak. House made one mistake that almost killed a patient, and he assumes that means his medical judgment is shot for good unless he goes back to the way he was?
Well this isn't the first time House has suggested to us that his "misery and pain" helps make him a good doctor.

And if the absence of pain was so profound for him that he'd sacrifice his job for it that readily, I can't believe he'd choose to go back to being in pain just as readily.
I think it's odd for him to have "sacraficed his job." As has been noted countless times, House is a world famous and renouned diagnostitian. He should be able to walk into any hospital and get a job with just his name.

Instead of pushing the reset button at the end of the hour, they should've at least carried this through for several episodes. Maybe have him finally give up the methadone when it nearly killed him and the medical risk of continuing was deemed too great.
Don't think we need to do ANOTHER arc this season. But that would've been interesting.

Or heck, do get rid of the pain but have him turn out to be just as jerky without it. I think the episode greatly oversimplified the source of his behavioral issues. Heck, didn't we already know that he was an obnoxious jerk even before the leg injury?
I'd argue that House's pain, misery, and Vicodin abuse is a large part of the "charm" of his character. It's been suggested -by Wilson- that House's misery increased greatly after his leg injury but Cuddy has suggested that House has always been this way. We've only seen House in one flashback before the surgery to remove his leg muscle and in that episode he was a bit jerky -though in pain so...
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