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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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Sci, when you want to make an ethical or karmic point about the real universe, don't use examples from the Star Trek universe. I've told you before: the trekverse has a moral substrate that doesn't exist in the real world. This is why your examples are meaningless.
One word: Bullshit.

The Star Trek Universe is not somehow inherently more or less moral than the real one. It simply possesses political actors who are more dedicated to the principles of modern liberal democracy than most people in the real world today, from whose POV we see the STU. To argue that the Star Trek Universe "possesses a moral substrate" that the real world lacks is an absurd piece of nonsense you're introducing to try to prevent real-world parallels from being cited.
Wait. You are actually saying that the universe where Picard can do no wrong, where Janewas solves every problem - ethical, sociological, etc - in the last 5 minutes of the episode through technobabble and where Sisko's ship is invulnerable through plotarmor is THE SAME AS THE REAL WORLD?
Are you saying that the universe where deux ex machina Caeliar appear and stop an unstoppable borg invasion - through an completly moral and ethical solution, of course - doesn't follow moral laws much like the real universe follows physics? That the univese where the federates always come out on top isn't subjective?

In that case, friend - I admire your optimism. NOT your realism.
And I recomend you read more history books - real history books, that is. And use examples only from these books when you're talking about the world we all live in - people will take you more seriously.

1. A ducat is a form of pre-World War I European currency. Skrain Dukat was the Cardassian Gul who served as prefect of Bajor and, later, military dictator of the Cardassian Union under the Dominion.

You really read my posts carefully, don't you? Well, Thanks.
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