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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Here is a rendering showing the hex pattern on the bussard collectors.

The entire bussard effect is still experimental at this point so don't consider anything final. For one thing, I need to redo the texture for the hex pattern at a higher resolution.

You may also notice that I used a deeper shade of blue for the warp grills in this rendering and that the RCS thrusters have a yellow-orange color, though neither of those are final either.

Finally, here is a set of before/after renderings showing some changes I made to the base mesh topography for the interface between the nacelle body and the support pylon.

You really can't see any difference in the rendered output but it makes for a cleaner joint between the two parts and should save a lot of trouble when this project eventually gets to the 3D printing phase. I did the same thing a couple of weeks ago to the joint between the secondary hull and the neck section.

Another thing I did was increase the mesh density in some parts of the nacelle body to reduce segmentation and I still need to do the same thing with some parts around the bussards. Total triangle count is somewhere between 450,000 and 500,000, though I expect that to come down a lot when I finally freeze the meshsmoothed parts and start optimizing them.
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