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1. Do not embed images that are not hosted on your own space, whether it's a personal website or an account like Flickr or the variety of free image-hosting websites out there.
Wait a minute, do I understand that correctly? I'm not a native speaker, so I could be wrong, but isn't the wording of this sentence rather mistakable? We are encouraged to use free image-hosting websites (like Photobucket or TinyPic), aren't we? Doesn't the sentence state the complete opposite?
We are encouraged to use sites such as Photobucket or TinyPic, yes. Ptrope's first sentence could also be written:
"If the images are not hosted on webspace belonging to you (personal website/Flickr account/free image-hosting site) then do not post them as inline images."
All of item 1 could be further reduced to:
"Posting inline images hosted on space not belonging to you is considered poor form and may be deemed warnable under TBBS policy; please don't do that."
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