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Re: House - 5x16 "The Softer Side" - Discussion and Spoilers

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That one was great. I'm giving it the Excellent since it was probably the best one since the episode with House's father's funeral. I agree that him giving up the cure at the end was a little weak but Cuddy bringing up his fear of change made it worth it, I think.

And the line of the episode was definately: "My penis stopped breath, you need to give it CPR."
Indeed. I liked that it was a "House-centric" episode. Focusing on him and his triple need to be brilliant, pain-free and miserable.
This. Never thought I'd see House do a reset button, but as someone else said, the way it was done was really good.

Also loved Taub taking the piss out of Foreman especially the Terminator reference
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