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Re: A Singular Destiny review thread (possible spoilers)

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The Typhon Pact - and extended Khitomer Accords - did all that in 3-5 years.
Agression and xenophobia were defining characteristics for some of the now allied species - these attributes were among the few constants that existed throughout the entire known history of these people. But hey, that was 5 years ago, right? At least, the Federation took a lot longer to coalesce.
You do realize that you're contradicting yourself, right?

How can aggressive and xenophobia be defining characteristics of these civilizations if they're able to come together in the space of three to five years and form a single state? Aggressive and xenophobic towards the Federation, sure, but that aggression and xenophobia does not seem to be uniform by definition.

I notice that my question from above wasn't answered. I'll ask again: where exactly in the movie is it established that the romulan conspirators didn't know from the beginning about Shinzon's plans about Earth?
Let's go to the script.

Commander Suran, the games are
over. In two days the Federation
will be crippled beyond repair.
Does that satisfy you?

For the moment.

And when I return... you and I
shall have a little talk about
showing proper respect!

Does anyone in this room harbor any
illusions about what he means by
"showing proper respect"?

What's happening to his face?

I want opinions. He is clearly out
of his mind.

But can he complete his mission?

Should he?

Are you prepared to have your hands
drenched in blood? He'll show them
no mercy. And his sins will mark
us all for generations. Is that
what you truly want, Romulans?

I think you should consider that
question now -- or else you may
have a lifetime to think about it
in the dilithium mines.
It's ambiguous.

Gorn - of all the members of the typhon pact, they, indeed, seem to be the most amiable toward the federation. But I'll point out that all their canonical contacts with the federates involved violence, despite the federation's best efforts to prevent that. The military cast, at least, is highly agressive. And, as said above, their actions in "Destiny" are highly suspicious.
Only one episode isn't enough to justify sweeping proclamations about Gorn policy.
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