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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

I made some time today, so here is my long awaited review of the next episode...


State of Flux (****)

In a perfect world this would have been another five-star episode. It has conspiracies, deceit, interesting revelations and someone telling Janeway something she doesn't want to hear. Mix that in with a story that ends with Voyager losing and Chakotay being betrayed and you have what I would normally consider to be perfect.

But this episode suffers from not making much sense in the grand scheme of things. Just why did Seska betray the crew? She claims it was to protect them by creating an alliance, but why? Lets review the threats Voyager has faced so far.

Caretaker: Voyager gets attacked by the Kazon who seem to do little damage and cause no injuries. Then they go away after making a threat. Nothing all that dangerous here.
Parallax: Voyager accidentally gets stuck in an anomaly. No threat here.
Time and Again: This episode never even happened.
Phage: Okay, the Vidiians are a threat but they don't appear to be all that powerful. All they did was nearly kill Neelix, and that would have been a positive boon!
The Cloud: Voyager encounters a nebula and frak it up, thus causing them to go back and fix it. No threat.
Eye of the Needle: No threat.
Ex Post Facto: They get attacked by two ships from a minor race and Voyager easily beats them. Minor threat.
Emanations: Harry dying isn't a sign of danger, he does it all the time.
Prime Factors: The aliens in this were friendly, the only reason the ship nearly blew up was because of the actions of certain crew members, including Seska.

So just what threat is Seska trying to save Voyager from? This is a good episode but it came out of nowhere; they should have built up to this, not just drop it in our lap. Have a few episodes where we explore Seska as a character, maybe rekindle her relationship with Chakotay, and have a few more episodes exploring the Kazon as a serious threat. This is a good episode which could have made for a great season if they had held this episode for the finale. The villain in the real season finale was a block of cheese for crying out loud!
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