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TV pilot season begins...

Well it's been underway for a while so now we have a healthy list built up for all the nets.

CW: For Teenaged Girls Only!

Fox: Because Even We Can't Show American Idol 24/7.

CBS: Granny's Got the Remote!

NBC: At This Point, Why Do We Even Bother?

ABC: Still Searching for the Next Lost.

I'm interested in...

CW: Vampire Diaries, just to see how bad it is.

Fox: Zipola. I'm shocked, there's usually something promising-sounding coming from Fox.

CBS: Zipola. This network hates me.

NBC: Day One.

ABC: Eastwick (Jamie Ray Newmann just cast), Flash Forward, Happy Town, V, No Heroics.

Nice job, ABC! The rest of you suck more than ever!
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