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2. Please keep the maximum width of embedded images to no more than about 800 - 1024 pixels; even the latter can stretch the thread beyond the limits of many users' browsers, necessitating horizontal scrolling and generally making the thread more difficult to comprehend.
I'm probably the source of at least some of these type of infractions. I have larger images the resolution of which needs to be preserved for them to be of maximum value to readers. From the start I've been concerned about how to display them correctly. I'm using Photo Bucket to store them and I tried using their "HTML Code" link, which I hoped would put a thumbnail and a link in the post, but upon previewing the BBS software appeared not to be able to process the code (at all). That left me either with using a direct link (and no thumbnail, unless I generated and posted it separately) or simply displaying the entire image (which in the end I did). Ideally a thumbnail image which is also a clickable link would minimize board bandwidth usage while allowing viewers to see if they are interested in the graphic or not. But as of yet I don't know how to achieve this, at least in a simple (non-kludge) way.

So, possibly like myself, some people are creating these problems because they don't have a proper solution at hand... or don't know any better. While its not the responsibility of board administration to hold our hands, if there is a proper technique to posting images that would resolve these issues and allow people to be satisfied that their work is both visible and not disruptive, that would be helpful. So a link to a mini-guide on the topic included with this reminder -- assuming one exists, or the creation of one if it does not (either by admin or board members) -- might be enormously helpful, preferably pinned in FAQ or Technical Support unless there is a better location. I apologize if one exists and I missed it (I did look).

And thank you for the reminder. Now I know why some pages are so hard to read.
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