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THEM! (1954) - provides insight into a xenomorph infestation on Earth.

THEM! was the ALIENS of the 1950's. Not literally, but its analogous or parallel to what ALIENS would be 32 years later. There were a handful of films 50 years ago which were the ALIEN(S) of that time.

There are differences between the films, but they are somewhat similar at the same time. THEM! gives me an idea of what an ALIEN presence on Earth would be like. THEM! may not do that for every aficionado.

THEM! is a lone non-sequel, in contrast to ALIENS, & featuring giant ants. Huge, dangerous & deadly but aren't parasites & don't bleed acid.

Xenomorphs we know all too well. Many of we aficionados know them better than the backs of our hands.

So, if you've seen THEM!, do you find it gives you an on-screen idea of what a xenomorph infestation on Earth itself might or would be like?
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