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Re: Sovereign Class and Photon Torpedoes

^I think the Excelsior was a definite inspiration artistically.

Few more comments:

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also, yes she's new so yes she'll have new tech but, the Akira was new, she didn't have Quantums nor Type XII phasers..... and she was built for war
in fact
What supports the war idea? Her registry and design suggest to me she is probably from the late 2350s/early 2360s; I see no reason to conclude she is new. It is possible she was designed under the looming threat of the Cardassians, I guess.

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you don't want to have to mothball a hip that new and of that size after wartime... but she was designed with the Bord the Dominion and other threats in mind,
Already disproven.

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so while war wasn't a big consideration with the Galaxy, it was with the Sovy being one of it's design specifications
You keep saying it, but there's no evidence to back it up.

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heh, X+ plus could be type XI but chances are it isn't
I'm going to take the DS9 Technical Manual over your opinion, because that's what it says.

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many like, Star Trek The Magazine, issue 1, Eneterprise E briefing,
That's one...such as it is.

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so as their building this ship, as a future propsoal for severe threats, things happen that influence to design as it's being developed obviously, I mean when they tell you it's designed to combat
threats like the borg and the dominion ok
It was never said of the ship that it was designed for that in the first place, and the class ship had been in space for years by the time the Dominion was first encountered.

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also, what episode did we first see the borg, early to mid TNG?
"Q Who?" in TNG second season, I believe.

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well, since there are supposedly what, two Sovies running around... yeah I'm sure some Galaxy classes did recieve some quanums, but I tought we where comparing the whole classes of them and not specific ships
What's the class have to do with ordnance? You're going to suggest that Enterprise-E received special fancy ordnance while she was running around not fighting the war, and the Galaxy-class ships we saw in the battles would not have gotten the Q-torps? That would be a bit silly of Starfleet, wouldn't it?

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no I mean the Sovy, which was constructed after the Prommy as far as I'm aware, it's mentioned in one of the Technical manuals, or something like that that she has them
Those books were published years before VOY: "Message in a Bottle" ever aired!

That episode takes place years in the chronology after Enterprise-E was flying, let alone the first ship of her class, and Prometheus is still a prototype and specified as singular.

There is absolutely no reason to think Prometheus is older than Sovereign.

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unerwarshp? lol well I do think allot of people forgot that she is an explorer just like those before her, but she was again designed with a strong militaristic view as well
You keep saying that, but where's the evidence to support she is any more "militaristic" than any other ship of the line? You know, Defiant is the only ship we know of for sure that Starfleet ever built specifically to fight, and obviously her differences are many.

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I don't think there was anything wrong with the design though, if there wasa maor flaw, we'd know by now, there would be a problem with the E, and it doesn't need any with
the situations it finds it self in... lol
I am not sure. The changes for ST Nemesis were pretty significant; changing the nacelle orientation would have been a big job. It is possible ships of the class had some problems if Enterprise-E was changed so dramatically after having been in space 5-6 years or so at max, but they may be corrected now.

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but if we are talking assignment lentgh, thats another thing
That's mainly what I meant. Available fuel storage plays into this, but so does ability to self-replenish, plus lots of other factors. I am sure a Sovereign-class ship is capable of long-range missions by Starfleet standards, but I think they send the "two kitchen sink" ships, with civilian specialists and room for even more specialized equipment and stuff like that, out on the really long independent probes into deep space.

It is a little bit of a bummer that Enterprise-E did not once really get to explore the unknown in the movies. The first TNG movie takes place at Earth, the next in territory where Starfleet and pals have already been doing business, and the last in Rom space and border areas. Picard even has a line in Insurrection where he complains, something like "remember when we used to be explorers?"
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