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Re: Sovereign Class and Photon Torpedoes

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regardless if we are oing to argue
about weather the Sovy has type XII phasers... there are amny sources that state that, in fact they neerly all do, I can't think of one that
says something different
You named one source, not "amny": Star Trek: The Magazine, and it's not in a section authored by anyone who had anything to do with the design of the ship as far as I can tell. It's probably text by Penny Juday or someone. It's not from a movie script, it's not documented from any backstage source; it's not from anywhere.

When a magazine article is directly authored by someone like Rick Sternbach, we should at least take it into consideration, but unattributed text in a tie-in magazine is not a "source" worth taking seriously.

There are no canonical sources that claim this type of phaser even exists, let alone that they are mounted to Enterprise-E. John Eaves made the comparison I described before in the Sketchbook, obviously not intending to convey new or superior phasers by giving them an identical look--unlike the case with Defiant on DS9, in which the script specified that the phasers should appear different somehow from what we've seen before. The phasers don't appear to me to be physically larger than those on Enterprise-D, or to be functioning in a different manner, and while direct comparisons are lacking, I see no evidence of exceptional effectiveness demonstrated by the movies either.

You're claiming a type of phasers larger than the largest ones mounted to starbases not only exists but is mounted on a ship type probably designed relatively few years after the Galaxy, and your source for this is what I believe to be an unattributed line in a now-defunct tie-in magazine--a magazine which also had a tendency to thoughtlessly reproduce errors from other sources, such as thinking the Saber-class starship is 372 meters long or that Voyager was over a million tons.

There are no other sources. This is listed under "False Canon" at EAS for a reason, you know.
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