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Political Hot Button Pinned Topic

Inspired by Plecostomus' thread.

What are some of your favorite humorous political (or other) buttons and pins? Let's try and avoid anything overtly controversial or offensive and just stick to things that are harmless and funny.

Or if there are some historical political buttons you like, please post those as well. I hope we can avoid controversy on the board if a button badmouths James K. Polk or something.

What the hell, let's throw in bumper sticker and t-shirts too.

Slam Mexicans.Like a Boss.Vague Plans.Like a Boss.Over-Tan.Like a Boss.Stop Iran.Like a Boss.Build a Wall.Like a Boss.Mock Rand Paul.Like a Boss.Hit on Ivanka.Like a Boss.Hair From Wonka.Like a Boss.Friend to Blacks.Like a Boss.Reporters Are Hacks.Like a Boss.Women to Attack.Like a Boss...
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