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Re: Sovereign Class and Photon Torpedoes

drake, I won't respond to your entire post, because some of it is written in such a way to make me believe you are uninformed (no offense). For example, you say we never see a ship fire all weapons at once, when we clearly have, and I posted a link on the first page. We see Defiant do the same as well.

Now, your idea of power seems to be to count torpedo launchers and think that 4 is better than 2, which is false. Do you think that 4 launchers on Excelsior are superior to two on the Galaxy-class? The reason Galaxy has 2 is because it doesn't need any more. It loads 10 torpedoes every 5 seconds, why would she need more? It's like giving every soldier in the army 5 rifles and saying that soldier is better than one with 1 rifle, well the other 4 are not necessary, because now we have magazines which we can use to replace ammunition quickly. There is no need to carry extra rifles like, say, during the Revolutionary war. That's how it is with the two launchers on Galaxy

I already wrote above that the reason Sov has so many is because they are obviously inferior to the huge Galaxy-class launchers, which is demonstrated on screen by their limited fire, she never fires more than 4 from main turret, and I think 2 from secondary ones, at a slower rate than Galaxy. And I don't even want to talk about the glued on ones above secondary shuttle bay and docking port.

If this torpedo inferiority wasn't the case, she would just have two, I forward, one aft, because that's all you need.
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