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Re: Star Trek: The Exhibition at The Franklin

I just saw this; it's at the Detroit Science Center right now! It was pretty nifty; I'd say it was well worth seeing.

Before the exhibit itself, there was a flight simulator of some sort. Unfortunately, due to medical restrictions, I couldn't do it, so I can't tell you anything. From there, it was a short ride in a cargo elevator to the DSC's special exhibit area (they had this lit up with blacklight and projected images of various ships onto the interior, but I'm not sure if this is going to be standard.)

The walkthrough tour: it started off with some uniforms from TOS and ENT, as well as some matte paintings. I t went from there into the TOS bridge re-creation, then to a corridor of the Enterprise-D and Picard's ready room (the ready room was cordoned off, so no sitting behind Picard's desk - there are also some uniforms on display here), then through a transporter room. There were some TNG costumes in the transporter room, along with some Trek tech. The transporter room led into a room with the Guardian of Forever, a big Borg ship model, and lots of DS9 and VOY costumes, along with random costumes and props. That then led into a room with a lot of ship models (a Constellation-class model, a Vor'cha cruiser, the Enterprise-D, the Xhosa, and a couple others) and a timeline of Trek chronologically (ENT-->TOS-->etc), except that the new Star Trek movie is displayed at the end, after NEM, and doesn't feature any stills from the movie - so no shots of Quinto, Pine, et al., just a black screen with a "to be continued..." sort of thing. There's a timeline (although the selection of events is a little odd - for example, okay, so the breaking of the Warp 10 barrier might be historically significant, but does anyone really want to be reminded of Threshold?)

Things that stuck in my head:

There are some neat props here. In Picard's ready room alone, they've got his Ressikan flute, a Troi-Riker wedding picture, a horga'hn, a bottle of Chateau Picard. They also had the TNG captain's chair, but that was also cordoned off.

Major Kira's combadge was stuck on her uniform upside down. Hopefully they'll fix that.

There have been some crazily skinny women on Star Trek. Seven of Nine and Kes's uniforms in particular were insanely small.

There were some random costumes: Guinan, Kai Opaka, a Dabo girl.

It was mildly strange to have a TOS Klingon uniform with a model Klingon head (modern-era) at the uniform's feet.

The Borg model is frackin' awesome. It's so detailed!

You can get your picture taken on the transporter or on the TOS bridge. I didn't, but I know they were selling the pictures at the end to buy.

The audio tour was all right, better for commentary on the technical aspects of things (like matte paintings, models, etc.) than for commentary on the characters; it's great for people you drag along with you who don't know as much about Trek.
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