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Re: Sovereign Class and Photon Torpedoes

Sovereign had plenty of chances to prove they can, but they never do
and what ship ever has?

we have never seen a Fed ship, fire all fully loaded lunchers and and fire on all arrays... and for mentioned I already stated we probaably never will

also, loading time, if you can load two torps in half the time it takes for 4 (maybe theres a bigger time gap...)

In DS9 "Valiant" we see Nog working on a quantum torpedo that is structurally identical but cosmetically different from a standard photon torpedo. A bit more decoration and labels and crap, probably to indicate it's alot more advanced and sophisticated.
oh like pwered by nVidia or AMD or Intel (ewww) stickers on PC cases lol

Captain's Yacht, which means it can't be much bigger or more sophisticated than the E-D launcher.
ok obviously theres some difference in space with the laucher in relation to the Yacht, again, size does not equal better, the E-D fires what 2 maybe three torps per launcher? and the Sovys turret is rated for 4 at a time so
witout knowledge of loading/reloading/preparation times, and oing on speed the E-E turret is more advanced than the E-D launcher,

for those comparing speed of fireing and torps, keep in mind the difference between Photon and Quantum torps, as well as the fact they keep showing off that turret, don't forget those other three lauchers in front (2 non upgraded)
that the Sov has but rarely uses

so you have 4 Quantums + 2-4 Photons unpgraded/3-6 upgraded per forward salvo... and this isn't conidering the possible that those are tripple luanchers like
what I think the E-D has wish are either 2 or three per launcher...

and for those so still say the presence of families on the Galaxy isn't confirmed, please come on, what about Alexander and all the other children on the E-D, they had a school for crying out loud :/....

If they doubted the Captain, they should have just jailed or shot him and given the good ship to somebody else. They clearly didn't want the ship, either.
oh yeah, cause that would go over so well.....

he didn't do anything wrong, it was a fear that because he as once assimilitaed the borg miht use it to their advantage....

It's worth remembering that the Defiant--which seems to have four forward torpedo tubes--is often described as one of the most heavily armed ships Starfleet has ever built.
over all or per square meter, if the latter, then duh, that little ship is a beast, for her size, nothing but weapons...

also, the Defiant came out before the Sov...

Which may mean the ship wasn't exceptionally good, even though it may have been good, perhaps even somewhat better than all other ships. No point dragging it to the battle, then, when dozens of almost as good ships were already there. Or it may mean the E-E was a real lemon and no good in battle.
a lemon? riht.... look, nobody said she was an end-all ubership... as good as she is, she's only one ship, wars are one with fleets, strength in numbers... they only had 1 confirmed possibly two sovs at the time, maybe they didn't want to lose her, sending her into other situations that would take a couple other ships, so they instead could go fight, cause...

as good as she is at least IMO, if she is mobbed in war by a bunch of ships, she dies anyway....

ships on the front line don't last long.... unless the plot says they do lol

well I'll bbl hopefully I replied to everything directed at me or revelent to the dicusiion which, hey isn't it supposed to be about weather they ave her all Quantums vs some photons... cause it seems to me
the subject is Galaxy vs Sovy LMFAO, which IMO is pointless because even if you dont think the Sovy is as good as generally accepted, being a newer ship with upgraded systems, is more than a match for the aging Galaxy, so the Sovy wins even considering
a very conservative list of specs...

Edit: oh and Regenerative Shielding doesn't simply mean the shields will regenerate with time, all of them do that, with regenerative shielding, there's secondary generators, win the first shield goes down a second one takes its place while the first one recharges.....
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