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Re: Sovereign Class and Photon Torpedoes

A little bout of counterarguments here; no offense meant.

1. the Galaxy class, whole families including children, the Soverign carries only officers and people need for specific missions
Never established. We didn't see families or children in most TNG episodes; we might well have missed them during our E-E sightings in the movies, too.

2. the Galaxy class has numerous accommodations and far more diplomatic resources than the Sovy, why the Sovy has diplomatic potential is is far less than than the Galaxy lass, and the Sovy is not as spacious
The difference in space is minor, and we saw the E-E offer lavish diplomatic facilities quite on par with those of the E-D in ST:INS.

3. the Sovy has type XII phasers and regenerative shielding, because of the immense power drain to offense and defensive systems, a new warp core was desiggned to add more power, type XII phasers, previously designated type X+ for security reasons where so power intensive that they where only used on outposts,stations and planetary defenses...
None of this is mentioned anywhere in the shows or movies. For all we know, the E-E has Type X phasers, no Type X+ exists, the reactor of the E-E isn't of particularly new design, and there is nothing particularly regenerative about the E-E shielding (apart from all Star Trek shielding being regenerative to some degree).

4. the Sovy is much more manueverable than the Glaxy, a feature that has little benefit other than combat effectiveness
No superior maneuverability has been demonstrated. Both ships can turn on a coin or do barrel rolls or accelerate and decelerate rapidly at sublight and warp alike.

5. Sources have stated that the Sovy, the Promethius and Akira where wall designs Starfleet put into production to combat the Borg threat as well as possible hostilities from the maor quadrant powers
Sources are probably wrong. None of the classes has been associated with the Borg threat, and indeed the E-E was specifically held back when the Borg came. Also, Akira has design features more akin to E-D than E-E, and ships of that class have registry numbers far lower than those of, say, Voyager or Defiant.

6. the Sovy has 16 Type XII Phaser arrays 8 Torp launchers and one Turret capable of firing 4torps/sec, I mean come on, plus only ships who are expected to see allot of action quantums
The E-E model sports five cojoining plus two separate strips on the saucertop, four on saucer bottom, one on the underbelly, and (from NEM onwards) two per nacelle pylon, for a total of sixteen, so that much is right. Their type is unknown. The E-D sported a smaller total number, but had longer strips covering the same space as the five cojoining dorsal or two slightly separated ventral saucer strips of the E-E, and had short strips in more locations than the E-E has.

The E-E model originally had four regular torp tubes, in two pairs on the secondary hull; their combined firepower in ST:INS seemed similar to that of the two single E-D launchers. A fifth launcher might have been in place next to the aft shuttlebay in that movie already, or at least we saw an upper dorsal shot leave the ship, best explained by such a launcher. ST:NEM added four (three) verifiable launcher muzzles to those original four (five). Whether the extra launchers pack the same punch as the original ones is debatable, as two of them are in a tiny turret next to the upper shuttlebay. Perhaps they are unable to fire at warp, similar to how other small, short-barrel launchers have fired only sublight torps?

For rate-of-fire figures, Vanyel gave some for repeating shots. But there's also the demonstrated E-D ability to spit out up to five torps simultaneously, in less than a second ("Arsenal of Freedom" and "Yesterday's Enterprise").

7. is it wasn't expected to see war-like conditions why bother with regenerative shielding?
Even Starfleet hospital ships have shields and phasers. And shields have always been "regenerative"; those on the E-E aren't particularly good against the villains seen in the movies, although we might have seen exceptionally powerful villains there.

as for other things, two ships out of the whole fleet, your gonna be lucky if you see them,
Why just two? The E-E might be the ninth Sovereign built for all we know.

if your refferring to the E,'s initial absense in FC, that was explained... Starfleet not sure about Picard after his assimilation
If they doubted the Captain, they should have just jailed or shot him and given the good ship to somebody else. They clearly didn't want the ship, either.

Which may mean the ship wasn't exceptionally good, even though it may have been good, perhaps even somewhat better than all other ships. No point dragging it to the battle, then, when dozens of almost as good ships were already there. Or it may mean the E-E was a real lemon and no good in battle.

It's worth remembering that the Defiant--which seems to have four forward torpedo tubes--is often described as one of the most heavily armed ships Starfleet has ever built.
Hmh? I don't think so.

In any case, "heavily armed" would be a relative measure. Rambo was heavily armed when single-handedly firing a M-60 machine gun from the hip - possibly the most heavily armed foot-mobile infantryman at that point, fictionally or in reality. He obviously wasn't the most heavily armed thing in US arsenal, though.

Timo Saloniemi
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